Maths for Children

Maths at home
We are signed up for two great maths activity websites to help support our students’ learning; both in school and at home.
There are also a few other websites that will help with your child’s learning through games, videos or lessons.
Websites for fun and learning – Just click the images on the right to get there.

Your teachers may set you work using MyMaths. This could be for lesson time or homework.
You can always have a go at some challenges for yourself.

Times Tables Rock Stars
New for every student for 2020-21. Having tried it out with our Year 3 and 4 last year, we are going to launch this for every year group to help children with their times tables.

​A great selection of videos made by the BBC to help with foundation and early KS1 maths with a strong focus on number sense.

BBC Bitesize
​A great resource for maths lessons, games and videos to help your child if they are stuck on a topic or for them to explore it further.

​A great website for a range of fun maths games for children to play and practise their maths skills.
A great website that can make you a set of arithmetic questions for you to practise your maths skills on. You can make your own tests on anything you can think of in maths.​