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Useful Maths Information For Parents

Please see below our school’s calculation policy. The calculation policy should give you an idea of the expectations we have for our children and the methods they need to learn for their year group. Remember the aim is for them to have mastered the technique by the end of the school year, not straight from the start.

Addition And Subtraction Calculation Policy
Multiplication And Division Calculation Policy
Pictorial version (More detailed)

National curriculum information for maths (KS1 and KS2)
At Stafford Leys, we give teachers a range of resources to teach from but expect all aspects of the National Curriculum to be covered. We feel this gives teachers the freedom to teach the children in the way that they believe is best rather than go down one particular path using only one resource. Below are a few links to see what the curriculum expectations are:

The national curriculum
Full maths curriculum – This link will show you the full maths curriculum from the start of KS1 to the end of KS4. You should be able to see how your child’s maths understanding is developed throughout their entire education.

Curriculum Guidance
The DofE has released an update to the national curriculum guidance as of June 2020 to help with the gaps in knowledge due to Covid-19. The links below will help you to gain a better understanding of the changes we have introduced into our teaching and your child’s learning.
Year group guidance – This link will take you to the PDF guidance for all year groups.
Year group guidance videos – NCETM has produced a useful selection of Youtube videos to help explain the guidance.
Maths vocabulary for parents Terminology Explained