Teacher’s Story Time

Mrs Hardy has got her little boy’s favourite book to share with you.
Mrs Harrison has chosen a lovely book to share with us called ‘First Day Jitters’. Coming back to school, starting a new school or joining a new class can be very scary.  This story about Sarah Jane Hartwell reminds us that we can all feel nervous about starting something new. Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and be brave!  This is what Sarah Jane Hartwell does – even though she didn’t want to! To find more resources like this, visit our wellbeing page.
Mrs Cattle has a lovely story to share with us today.
Mrs Hollier has a lovely story to share with you from her garden.
Mrs Harrison has a special book to share with you. Sunny McCloud, or just as easily Simon McCloud, is usually chirpy and chipper, but today something is very different.  Something terrible has happened!  Today, she is feeling less happy and content!  Today, she has lost her….smile!  Sunny (or Simon) looks everywhere, but soon realises that a smile, and happiness, can be found in the simplest of ‘places’.  Not only that, but you can bring a smile to others’ faces too!   ​
Miss Weldon loves reading. She has a classic story for you to enjoy.
Mrs Allison has been enjoying The Fox and the Ghost King.
Mrs Burrows has a special treat for us….
Miss Bignell wants to read more!
Miss Raske enjoyed sharing her favourite story with us.
Mrs Alison has a wonderful story for all of us to enjoy.
Miss Purkiss has chosen a story to share with you.
Mrs Blakemore has a special story for everyone to enjoy.
Mrs Rowley has a special story time for everyone to enjoy.