Denzel the Dolphin develops a love of learning

Name of animal: Denzel 

His motto: Develop a love of learning

Type of animal: Dolphin

Characteristics to look out for around school that this animal has taught the children and adults of Stafford Leys:

  • Thinking

-Are people analysing by working things out with clarity, logic and accuracy?

-Are people deducing and drawing inferences from explanations?

-Are people critiquing by questioning the validity of knowledge claims?

What he looks like in real life:

Where he lives:Stafford Leys Primary

His story: He met Staffy a long time ago whilst analysing the oceans. He wanted to learn more about an animal that has eight legs. He came to Stafford Leys to share his love of learning and the way in which he thinks deeply to make sense of things.