Lena the Leopard learns from her mistakes

Lena the Leopard

Name of animal: Lena 

Type of animal: Leopard

Her motto: Learn from your mistakes

Characteristics to look out for around school that this animal has taught the children and adults of Stafford Leys:

  • Reflection

-Are we thinking about their learning and evaluating the quality of their work?

-Are we self-evaluating and knowing themselves as a learner?

-Are we doing and thinking together?

What she looks like in real life: 

Where she lives: Stafford Leys Primary

Her story: She once got her head stuck in a pot as she was trying to drink the water out of it. Staffy helped her to stay focused and get it back out again. She learned from her mistakes though and now only drinks from shallow or wide containers and her reflection acts as a reminder to stand back and think about what she is doing.