Ollie the Octopus operates as a team

Name of animal: Ollie

Type of animal: Octopus

His motto: Operate as a team

Characteristics to look out for around school that this animal has taught the children and adults of Stafford Leys:

  • Socialising and benefiting from the social world of learning

-Are people collaborating and being an effective and supportive team member?

-Are people being accepting by being open to ideas and feedback and able to take on other people’s good habits?

-Are people empathising and able to adopt multiple perspectives?

Where he lives: Stafford Leys Primary 

His story: Ollie first met Denzel travelling in the oceans, then was introduced to Staffy and his other friends as he loves to socialise with others. Geri and Ollie collaborated to set the children of Stafford Leys a puzzle… and everyone in school operated as a team to create the Ollie the Octopus wall art outside.