Rocky the Racoon releases his imagination

Name of animal: Rocky 

Type of animal: Raccoon

His motto: Release your imagination

Characteristics to look out for around school that this animal has taught the children and adults of Stafford Leys:

  • Imagination and creatively exploring possibilities

-Are people connecting by gaining new ideas from what they already know?

-Are people playing with ideas and allowing their minds to bubble with possibilities?

-Are people visualising and using mental rehearsal to refine skills and explore consequences?

-Are people using intuition and tapping into hunches and inklings?

Where he lives:Stafford Leys Primary

His story: He is the most imaginative animal and met Staffy once in a fable! He made quite an entrance to Stafford Leys. He was suspended from the hall ceiling in a huge balloon and he refused to come out until the children could explore what he was possibly doing and be able to demonstrate how they could release their own imaginations!