Staffy the Dragon stays focused on his learning

Name of animal: Staffy                               

Type of animal: Dragon

What he looks like in real life: 

Where he lives: Stafford Leys Primary School

His story: He met Mr Kitchen in the woods in 2014 and was originally the only animal at our school. 

In 2019 (after 5 years of being here), he set off for South Africa to find some new adventures and new friends because his attention was wandering. He is now brilliant at concentrating and notices much of what happens in great detail, so started his own Twitter account of @StaffytheDragon

His motto: Stay focused on your learning

Characteristics to look out for around school that this animal has taught the children and adults of Stafford Leys:

  • Paying attention
  • Are people noticing details and patterns?
  • Are people concentrating despite distractions?