Governance and Local Advisory Board

Mrs Allison Hammond – Community Governor and Chair of Local Advisory Board

I wanted to become a parent governor so that I could contribute to the school in which my daughters attend. I taught English and Media Studies to key stages 4 and 5 for fifteen years and have always been passionate about the issues surrounding education, so to be part of the governing body at Stafford Leys is a real privilege. The knowledge and skills I gained in teaching and leading a department, has helped with understanding matters related to the curriculum, teaching and learning. Over the past few years I have learnt such a lot about school governance and although the role of chair demands a lot of time, it is exciting to help shape the direction of the school.

I am a member of the following committees; Curriculum, Finance, Health and Safety and most recently the Academy Improvement Board, a committee set up by the governors to oversee the Ofsted action plan. I enjoy an involvement in the interview process for new staff; a real highlight being the recruitment of our head teacher Mr Kitchen, in 2015! As well as this, I am also keen to participate in the numerous learning walks which take place throughout the academic year.

Our recent Ofsted result caused a real sense of disappointment, and has meant that changes have had to occur. However, I feel confident that these changes will move the school forward in the right direction so that we achieve the success we all aspire towards, whilst “inspiring character, compassion, confidence and fun”, as ultimately, the children are at the heart of everything we do. ​

If you need to contact me, my email address is ​

Mr Paul Howkins – Community Governor

I have lived in Leicester Forest East for over 30 years, and have had the privilege of being a governor at Stafford Leys Primary School since 2015. I am a member of the Health & Safety and Premises Committee, and chair of the Finance and Staffing Committee. My day job is as a production manager in an electronics company, a role that includes financial and health and safety responsibilities. I am keen to foster any links between the business and academic communities. I was very fortunate in my education in that the influence of excellent teachers at the schools I attended drove me to better results than perhaps I deserved. The role of governor allows me to bring my experience into the school and to help provide the pupils of today with the all the opportunities and more that had when I was at school.

Mrs Sam Allison – Staff Governor

I am currently the EYFS phase leader. I have worked at Stafford Leys since 2009 and have been in my position for eight years. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and continuously strive to have an impact on the children both academically and as a ‘whole’ child. I completed a BEd Honours in Primary Education at Nene College and during my 22 years as a teacher I have taught in a variety of schools across Leicestershire. I have also coordinated various subjects and taught  year groups from EYFS toYear 3. I have been a parent governor since 2018 at my two sons’ secondary school and this has enabled me to gain an insight into governance and the dynamics/workings of a secondary school. This role has allowed me to challenge and ask questions of the school and fueled the desire to take on the role of staff governor at Stafford Leys. I have established strong links whilst being a teacher working with the children, staff, being part of the Senior Leadership team, the parents, preschools and other community groups within LFE, as well as other schools throughout Leicestershire. I hope to have a wider positive influence on both the school and the local community.

Mr James Cross – Parent Governor

I am a Parent Governor at Stafford Leys, I have 2 sons and a daughter and with my youngest son currently in year 1 at Stafford Leys. I am proud to be a governor at the school and to be a part of the wonderful happy and safe environment that the school provides. Since becoming a governor I have been an active member working on the curriculum committee and I have recently taken over as the chair of the health, safety and safeguarding committee. I am also an active member of the Academy Improvement Board and have recently taken the role of inclusion link governor which focuses on SEND, pupil premium and disadvantaged children.

In my day job, if you can call it that, I am a Police Sergeant with Leicestershire Police and have a vast experience of managing and responding to serious and critical incidents as well as dealing with vulnerable people and a variety of safeguarding concerns. In the roles I have performed I have worked closely with other agencies such as social care, fire service and borough councils and I believe that these close working relationships and knowledge of the support available greatly assist me in being a governor. The shift pattern I work allows me to regularly be in school for visits, meetings and learning walk, ensuring that our children are taught to a high level, constantly being challenged to achieve the highest standards possible and that the behaviour in school continues to be positive and supportive creating the ideal learning environment.

Mr Robert Doxey – Staff Governor

​I am currently a year 6 teacher at Stafford Leys Primary School. I have worked at Stafford Leys for two years and feel that I have a good understanding of what helps to make it a success. Becoming a governor has helped me to further my understanding of school life and its decision-making processes. My previous experience of working in the private sector; namely construction and data handling, enables me to give a better understanding of interpreting lots of different aspects of school life. I also have a wealth of knowledge and experience of working with the secondary sector, for my previous role, and can utilise this knowledge when discussing links with local secondary schools. I look forward to looking at how we can all make this school become the outstanding school it deserves to be recognised as.

Mr Simon Willcock – Parent Governor

​I am a father of 2 children, with a daughter in Year 1 and a son in pre-school.

I began my career in Accounting and trained to be a Chartered Management Accountant before I moved into teaching 12 years ago and have since gained 11 years of experience in Leadership positions in Education. I am currently the Assistant Principal at a Secondary School in Leicester City where I have been since 2014. The school has undergone some significant improvement in student outcomes over the past few years and its outcomes now put it in the top 5% of all schools nationally. Prior to this, I was a Head of Mathematics in a Secondary School in Coventry, the department became one of the most improved Mathematics departments in the Country. In 2014, I was offered the opportunity to move back to work in an under-performing school in Leicester and in 2016 the school became the best performing school in the City.

In 2016, I was appointed as a Specialist Leader of Education a role which places me in under-performing primary and secondary schools to support them in improving outcomes, curriculum and behaviour. I also have a recent experience of the new Ofsted Framework when we had a very successful visit where I worked closely with the lead inspector throughout the inspection. I have recently been selected as part of a team to visit and review 16 secondary schools across the city with the aim of improving outcomes in Mathematics.

I understand that the experiences that young people have at school has a major impact on their future. High expectations and high levels of enjoyment are essential in ensuring that all students are successful in what they do and reach their full potential with a continued and ever growing desire to learn. As a parent, I want my children to get the best education possible and I can play my part in delivering this for all children at Stafford Leys.

Mrs Rebecca Holder – Staff Governor

​I have worked at Stafford Leys since 2012 and am currently based in Year 6 as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA).  As such, I have experience in teaching and supporting throughout each phase of the school, allowing me to cultivate a strong relationship with teachers and support staff alike.

Prior to working at Stafford Leys, I worked as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) at a High School in the county.

As a governor, I hope to assist in further improving our school for everyone.

Mr Ryan Jarvis – Parent Governor​

I have spent the last 8 years as the Inclusion Lead in one of the largest secondary schools within the city. As part of the senior leadership team I have played an integral part in the strategic development of all aspects of school life. I have responsibility within my areas to lead and manage over 180 teaching and support staff. Within my specific remit Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare, I have helped to lead the school to two consecutive Good gradings from OFSTED. I am also one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads within school. I sit on the Executive Panel for the Secondary Education Improvement Partnership for Behaviour and Attendance. This panel aims to improve outcomes and life chances for some of the most disadvantaged children across Leicester City.

Previously, I spent 5 years working Leicester Partnership School which is the Pupil Referral Unit for the city. I progressed to Deputy Center Manager with operational responsibility for staffing, policies and curriculum. This required my involvement with individuals with extensive social, emotional and mental health needs. Prior to this, I spent a year working as an unqualified teacher at an inner city primary school working predominantly with those children identified as either Pupil Premium, those having additional SEND or those with lower ability. My professional career in education started when I was employed as a Learning Mentor for a Sixth Form College in Leicester, offering academic and pastoral support.

All these opportunities and experience has enabled me to develop a broad knowledge and understanding of both mainstream and specialised learning environments, from primary to right through to further education.
As a person and as a professional I believe in a holistic and inclusive approach to meeting the needs of all individuals. Schools develop in students the building blocks on which they stand to have the confidence and abilities to dream and achieve success. Primary school should be an experience that every child enjoys and learns, as a school our efforts should enable individuals to overcome barriers that stand in their way. With collaboration, cohesion and clear direction Stafford Leys can be this place for our children. With a son currently in year 1 and a 3-year-old daughter quickly approaching EYFS, I want to use my skills and experience to play a part in developing a school and an experience they deserve.

Mrs Beenal Rajyaguru – Parent Governor

I have a son who already attends Stafford Leys Primary School in EYFS, and a daughter who is due to start school in September next year. I chose to become a parent governor this year as this voluntary role allows me to give back to my local Leicester Forest East community.

By profession, I am a Paediatric Pharmacist at a local Children’s Hospital, and have over 15 years experience in the pharmacy profession both in the community and hospital sector. I have just completed my third post graduate qualification studies earlier this year which has been a challenging experience, and my professional interests include children’s allergy and intensive care. Working part time allows me the flexibility to attend the school and dedicate the required time and resources to fulfil this role. As my professional background is in children’s healthcare my skill set can be best applied on the Health & Safety and Premises Committee which I have newly joined too.

I am very excited to become an integral member of the Governing body at the school. Being newly elected means that I have a steep learning curve ahead of me. I am very much looking forward to these new challenges and working with an incredibly dedicated team of Governors. My passionate drive and strong commitment to improve quality is paramount to ensure that I can fulfil this role effectively. I envisage that I can play a part in helping the school to achieve its long term goals and improvements in the standards across all areas of the school environment.

Revd Dave Hover – Community Governor

​I am the Anglican (Church of England) minister at St. Andrew’s Church in Leicester Forest East, and part of my role is to offer pastoral and spiritual care & support to all who live and work within Leicester Forest East, Braunstone Town and Thorpe Astley. This very much includes our children and those with the important task of educating and caring for them, so I am delighted to be able offer my experience as a Community Governor to support the staff and pupils of Stafford Leys in this way, as well as in continuing to build the good community partnership between Stafford Leys School and St. Andrew’s Church. I am new to the Governor Team in 2020 so am learning myself, and as part of that I am keen to help develop our school as a shared learning community where we can all, pupils, staff and governors, support and encourage one another as we grow and develop together in a safe space where we can ask those important questions about life and the best ways to live and learn, with different faith and non-religious perspectives shared openly and with full respect for each person’s beliefs and experience.

Our Committee Structure

Finance And Staffing Committee
Mr Paul Howkins – Chair
​Mrs Allison Hammond
Mr Rob Doxey
​Mr Simon Willcock
Mr Andy Kitchen – Headteacher
Miss Caralyn Bignell – Deputy Headteacher

Curriculum Committee
Mrs Allison Hammond
Mr James Cross
Mr Rob Doxey
Mr Simon Willcock
Mrs Yvonne Stuart – Deputy Headteacher
Miss Caralyn Bignell – Deputy Headteacher

Health & Safety And​ Premises
Mrs Beenal Rajyaguru- Chair
Mr Andrew Kitchen
​Mr Paul Howkins
​Mr James Cross
Mrs Rebecca O’Rourke-Holder
Mrs Allison Hammond

Please open the file below for more information about our governors, committee membership, terms of office and attendance records. Our governors are appointed by the local advisory board.

2020-2021 Information

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