School Rules

  • Follow instructions the first time you are asked.
  • Keep your hands, feet and anything you are holding to yourself.
  • Speak pleasantly to everyone at all times.
  • Listen carefully and take turns in speaking.
  • Get on with your work and allow others to do theirs.

It’s Good to Be Green

We use ‘Good to Be Green’ at Stafford Leys Primary School. This means that all classes have a display wallet with every child in the class displayed. Every child starts the day with a green card with the aim to remain green all day or receive an additional award, such as a gold or silver card. If a child does not choose to follow the school rules then the sanction cards will be used. The sanctions we use in school are entwined with the Good to Be Green system and are as follows;
1. Verbal warning
2. Orange card
3. Red card (Miss part of playtime – 2 minutes in EYFS and KS1, 4 minutes in year 3/4 and 6 minutes in year 5/6).
4. Sent to another classroom in the phase. This will result in a phone call home to inform parents.
5. Sent to Deputy Head
​6. Sent to Headteacher