Why Govern?

How much time does this involve?

A commitment of one full governing body meeting per term, generally held during the evening for 2 1/2 hours, and reading through the paperwork sent out in advance of the meeting

Commitment to at least one of the subcommittees (staffing and finance / health, safety and premises / curriculum), which includes some work between meetings following up issues which arise

Reading through the paperwork necessary to keep informed about work at Stafford Leys, and initiatives which will have an impact on the school.

So why do people become a governor?

All parents are aware of how vital education is to our children, and to society as a whole. Governing work can be very rewarding, and can make a significant impact on standards, and on the positive ethos necessary for a school to function well.

As governors are involved in the ‘big picture’ of the school, and not the day to day issues of individual pupils, being a governor is not a way of directly influencing your child’s experience in school. But in raising standards for all, your child will benefit significantly.

Who can I ask for more information?

Mr Kitchen (Headteacher) or Alison Hammond (Chair of Governors) via the school office.