School Dinners

Can my child pick and choose which days they have a school dinner?

Children are required to commit to either school dinners or packed lunches for the week, with the exception of Fridays, where all children are able to have a hot meal if they wish. Please let the office know if your child would like to have a hot meal on a Friday as a regular pattern and you will be billed accordingly.


What do I need to do if I want to swap my child from School dinners to packed lunches, or vice versa?

We require one week’s notice if your child would like to swap from one meal option to another. Please inform the school office of any meal swaps.


How do I pay for school dinners?

All children in KS1 (EYFS, Yr 1 & 2) are eligible for Universal Free School Meals and therefore do not need to pay. (If your child is in KS1 and entitled to UFSM they were still need to commit to a regular meal pattern to ensure the school kitchen provide the correct amount of meals each day)

Children in KS2 will be charged £2.40 per meal which is payable via your child’s Arbor app. You are able to top up the account as regularly as you wish and will be contacted if your account falls into debt.


Who can I contact if I think I am entitled to free school dinners for my child?

A quick phone call to Leicestershire Schools Catering Service on 0116 305 5417 will be able to inform you of your eligibility. If you are eligible they will contact the school directly to inform us. More information can be found out here https://www.leicestershire.gov.uk/education-and-children/social-care-and-supporting-families/free-school-meals


What can my child bring in their lunchbox?

Please follow the link to our in depth guidance on what your child should bring in their packed lunch https://www.staffordleys.bepschools.org/parents/packed-lunches/.

Please note, we are a nut free school and any products containing nuts (e.g. hazelnut spread/Nutella) will be confiscated from your child in the interest of safety towards any children with nut allergies.





Is somebody in school able to administer medication to my child?

If your child is prescribed antibiotics four times a day they will be able to receive one dose during school hours by a member of staff. Medication which requires three doses or less per day must be administered out of school time. All medication must be in the prescribed bottle labelled with your childs details. You will be required to fill out a medication administration form in the school office.

Medication must be delivered and collected by a parent or guardian at the beginning and end of the school day, for safety we will be unable to send medication home with children.

Alternatively you are able to come into school to administer the medication for your child if you so wish.

If your child has a prescription for a regular daily medication. E.g. eyedrops, the office staff are happy to administer them. Again, a medication request form will need to be filled in at the school office.

Please look at our health & safety policy for more information.





What do I need to do if my child needs an inhaler in school?

If your child is a diagnosed asthmatic they will need to have a clearly labelled inhaler in school at all times. Inhalers will be kept in the child’s bag in their classroom for ease of use. You will also need to fill out an asthma plan for your child, these are available from the school office.



How long does my child need to stay off school following a bout of sickness/ and or diarrhoea?

If your child has a sickness bug they must stay at home for at least 24 hours following their last bout of vomiting. In instances where there are a number of cases of D & V within school, this period may be increased to 48 hours.


What will happen if my child is unwell at school?

If your child becomes unwell during the school day you will be contacted to collect them as soon as possible. If the office staff are unable to reach you they will work down the list of contacts for your child, as provided by you, in priority order. If you are contacted to collect your child please come straight to the school office.


What should I do if my child is unwell and will not be attending school?

If your child is too unwell to attend school please call the office on 0116 2392482 before 8.45am and select option 1 where you will be able leave a message detailing your childs absence. If we have not had notice of your child’s absence before 9am an email will be sent home with a reminder to contact the school office.


What do I need to do if my child has a medical appointment?

Please inform the school office and/or your child’s teacher if you will be taking them out of school to attend a medical appointment. We ask, where possible that appointments are made out of school time and on occasion may ask for proof of the appointment. When you are ready to collect your child please come to the school office a few minutes before and they will call down to your child’s class for them.


Can my child wear trainers to school?

We have recently updated our uniform policy to enable children to wear plain black trainers to school.


Do children have to wear Stafford Leys logo jumpers?

It is not mandatory for children to wear the official Stafford Leys uniform, any plain navy jumpers or cardigans are suitable. If you would like to order uniform displaying the Stafford Leys logo please follow this link and you will be directed to our uniform providers. https://www.staffordleys.bepschools.org/parents/uniform/


Please note, we no longer stock uniform or book bags in school. All orders must be made through one of our uniform providers.




How do I know what days my child has P.E?

A reminder of your child’s PE days will on the ‘Year Groups’ section of the website. If you are unsure please ask your child’s teacher.


What should my child wear for P.E?

Here is a link to our school uniform policy https://www.staffordleys.bepschools.org/parents/uniform/

Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school for their designated PE days.


Can my child wear earrings for P.E.?

All earrings must be taken out prior to PE lessons. The child must be able to do this themselves or a parent will need to remove them on the morning of PE sessions.


Will my child take part in Swimming whilst at Stafford Leys?

When your child is in Year 6 they will participate in swimming sessions if they cannot swim 25m.


Is swimming compulsory?

Yes, it is part of our national curriculum that all children participate in swimming lessons whilst at Stafford Leys.


Do I have to pay for my child to swim?

As we do not have a swimming pool on site there is a small charge for the transport to and from the pool and for the pool hire itself.


After school care

Do you offer before and after school care at Stafford Leys?

We have an on site before and after school club run by the Playpad. Please follow the link for more details. https://theplaypad.info/


Will my child have chance to take part in after school clubs?

A variety of after school clubs are offered each term for your child to have the opportunity to participate in. At the end of each term a timetable will be sent out stating the next terms clubs available for all year groups along with a sign up date. You can register your child for after school clubs via your Arbor app.


What time do the after school clubs run from and until?

After school clubs run straight after school (3.15pm) until 4.30pm. Your child will be collected from their classroom by an adult and taken to their club. The timetable will state where to collect your child from once their club is finished.




Can I take my child out of school in term time?

Your child’s attendance is very important to us, therefore we discourage holidays during term time as any absences from school will affect a child’s learning. Please see our attendance policy for more details.


How do I request time off for my child?

If you do need to take your child out of school during term time we ask that an absence request form is completed. The forms are available from the school office.


What will happen if my child has numerous absences from school?

Attendance at Stafford Leys is monitored very closely. If your child’s attendance falls behind you will receive a letter in the first instance. If your child’s attendance still does not improve you will be invited into school for a meeting with our attendance office and member of senior management. Please see our attendance policy for more details.



How can I speak to my child’s teacher?

If you need to speak to your child’s teacher we recommend you send an email to the school office which will be forwarded directly to them. If you call during the school day it will be unlikely that you are able to speak to your child’s teacher as they will be teaching. You may call and request a phone call from your child’s teacher but their availability cannot be guaranteed therefore an email is always preferable. For short messages or information a member of staff will be in the playground to pass this onto at the beginning or end of the school day.


Can my child bring a drink to school to have in the classroom?

We encourage children to bring in a water bottle to drink throughout the day and refill if necessary. Please note, only plain water (no juice/flavoured water) is permitted.


Can my child bring in a snack for break time?

Children in KSI will be provided with a piece of fruit during their break time. Children in older years are welcome to bring in their own fruit for break time. No other snacks are permitted.