Nurture at Stafford Leys

At Stafford Leys School, we are mindful of children’s social and emotional health and want to ensure a continued state of wellbeing. All our caring staff pride themselves in encouraging children to be confident and positive individuals who believe in themselves. We incorporate this attitude into our daily life and want children to feel happy, safe and excel in their learning with a positive mindset.

Emotional wellbeing support during COVID-19

The Team

Mrs Hoult – SENDCo/Nurture lead

Mrs Harrison – ELSA

Miss Agnew – ELSA

Miss Fox – Nurture group leader

The Nurture Team work with groups and individual children linked to a variety of themes including:

  • Social interaction: Teamwork, leadership, social interactions, empowerment
  • Communication: Discussion, organisation, vocabulary, conversation
  • Physical Skills: Fine and Gross Motor skills, health, mindfulness
  • Intellectual Skills: Academic, creative and broad based skill set
  • Emotional Skills: Building self-confidence, self-esteem, self-awareness, self-regulation
  • Spiritual: Awe and Wonder, Connection to the natural world

Our aims is to help children raise their self-esteem and develop age appropriate social skills through a close and trusting relationships. The skills taught will not only help them now but will take away life skills.

The Nurture Room

We have a special and unique Nurture Room where children can go to have space, time,  think and reflect, with a variety of sensory, auditory, kinaesthetic and visual tools to help them. It’s a place where children feel even more supported and understood.

For more information about this, get in touch with our SENDCo, Sarah Hoult. She can be contacted via the school office
​(0116 2392482) or by email (