Parent Forum

Parent Forum

The governors at Stafford Leys have set up a forum for parents/carers to discuss general school related issues. Governors know that parents can have a particular view of how the school works and often have ideas to share which may solve our challenges.

Our aim is to create an honest and open environment in which you can express positive or constructive opinions and raise any queries you might have. Equally, the parent forum is an excellent opportunity for the school to seek feedback from parents on recent changes/initiatives the school has introduced. We are receptive to any suggestions you might wish to make, as ultimately the aim of the forum is to listen to your ideas or concerns.

The parent forum is run by parent governors and Mr Kitchen. Parent representatives are expected to share meeting outcomes with other parents in their child’s class, and this information is relayed in forthcoming school newsletters. Minutes are always taken and can be found under the Meetings section of this page. Please scroll to the end for the most recent minutes.

Meetings take place half termly and last roughly one hour. Tea and coffee is always provided and younger children are welcome to use the toys provided by Stay and Play (when meetings are held on Wednesday mornings) . We would like to have a minimum of one parent representative from each class in order to have an equal parent voice from all years.

If you would like to join the parent forum, please email us at or let the school office know in writing.

Obviously we are unable to deal with anything of a personal nature so if you have an issue which is more specific, we would advise you to speak to your child’s teacher in the first instance or Mr Kitchen.

We recognise that many parents work during the school day so if attending a meeting is not possible and you wish to leave a comment then please email the parent forum address any time. Alternatively, you could send a verbal message via a friend or parent governor. Currently, parent/community governors whose children attend the school are: Alli Hammond (years 6 and 4), Kate Kite (year 5), James Cross (year 2), Simon Willcock (year 2 and EYFS), Ryan Jarvis (year 2) and Beenal Rajyaguru (year 1). Any points received in this way, will be discussed at the next meeting.

We look forward to working with you.


Please find below the notes from previous meetings held:

Tuesday 3rd December 19
Wednesday 22nd May 2019.pdf
Wednesday 24th October 2018.pdf
Wednesday 21st February 2018.pdf
Friday 28th April 2017.pdf
Wednesday 12th October 2016.pdf
Wednesday 11th May 2016.pdf