Our Staff

Inspiring confidence, compassion, character and fun!

Mr Kitchen – Head Teacher

Mrs Stuart – Deputy Head
Curriculum Leader

Miss Bignell – Deputy Head
Quality of Education Leader

Mrs Hardy – Deputy Head
Inclusion Leader


Mrs Allison
​EYFS Leader

Mrs Hollier
​D&T Leader

Miss Vaghela

Year 1

Mrs Rowley
​English Leader

Miss Parmar
R.E Leader

Mrs Cotton
PSHE Leader

Year 2

Mrs Hargrave
​Year 1/2 Leader

Miss Kaur
​ PE Leader

Mrs Harris
PE Leader

Year 3

Mrs Burrows
​Science Leader

Miss Roberts
​Computing Leader

Mrs Peacock
British Values Leader

Year 4

Ms Streatfield
Music Leader

Miss Purkiss
​Music Leader

Miss Mistry
Year 3/4 Leader

Miss Skill
​Geography Leader

Year 5

Miss Thorne
​Science Leader

Mrs Hoult

Miss Chalmers
​History Leader

Mr Doxey
Maths Leader

Year 6

Mrs Morley
Year 5/6 Leader

Mrs Ruparelia
Computing Leader

Miss Day
Curriculum Enrichment Leader

Mrs Blakemore
​Art Leader

Support Staff

Mrs Bradshaw

Mrs Cooper

Mrs Cattle

Miss Downes

Mrs Bowie

Mrs Burton

Mrs Hammond

Mrs Holder

Mrs French

Mrs Sherlock

Mrs Mackness

Mrs Naylor

Mrs Jones

Mrs Lunn

Miss Raske

Miss Fox

Mrs Watkins

Miss Heslop
Miss Weldon
Mr Holmes

Mrs A Smith

Mr Pawley

Mrs Harrison

Miss Allen

Mr Thorne

Mrs Lee

Miss Agnew

Miss O’Donnell

Mrs Potter

Mr Campbell

Mrs Taylor

Miss Hamilton

Miss Smith

Admin Staff

Mrs Julie Murdock

Mrs Sarah Mason
Finance Officer

Miss Ruth Harsant

Mrs Bibby
Ancillary Assistant

Midday Supervisors

Mrs Dockery
Mrs Hammond
Mrs Kilby
Mrs Naylor
Mrs Lunn
Mrs Dhaliwal
Mrs Roberts
Mrs Obern
Mrs White

IT Technician

Ms Quince

Site Manager

Mr Alcarez-Perez


Mr George Mason

Staff currently on maternity leave

Miss Towers

Mrs Hughes