Curriculum Overview

Stafford Leys Curriculum Rationale

Our overarching aim at Stafford Leys Primary School is to inspire confidence, compassion, character and fun in all of our children. We create an ethos which ensures a positive, respectful and stimulating environment, which nurtures all children towards reaching their full potential, enabling them to have the knowledge, skills and aspirations to embrace and thrive in the world in which we live.

In order to achieve this, we have developed a structured progressive curriculum based on a shared understanding of what we want for our children and how we are going to achieve it.

Our approach:

Through our curriculum we not only equip our children with the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum/EYFS  but also prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life based on developing their knowledge and understanding, skills and dispositions.


We deliver a curriculum that

  • Supports the children to learn and remember a range of knowledge and understanding in all areas of the curriculum to support their wider understanding of the world in subject specific areas connected both within knowledge organisers and also to prior learning
  • Exposes children to a broad range of high quality experiences in and beyond the classroom, inspiring our pupils to build a wider cultural capital and support their learning
  • Provides the opportunity for children to learn from and about other cultures, respect diversity, cooperate with one another and appreciate and celebrate our differences thus providing them with a strong moral compass
  • Teaches children the importance of and the means to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • Uses our collective learning definition to ensure learning is taking place- “Learning is the process of building further ideas to understand, re-shaping previous ideas to apply as skills and making a change in the long-term memory.” As a result, ‘We must learn more to help us achieve more.’


We deliver a curriculum that

  • Teaches children that they have a voice and have the ability and confidence to express themselves, their feelings and their opinions effectively in a wide range of situations
  • Places the importance of reading at the heart of children’s learning
  • Supports children to develop skills of evaluation, creativity, problem-solving and enquiry
  • Develops children’s subject specific skills in each area of the broader curriculum
  • Requires a range of oracy opportunities and is vocabulary rich.


We deliver a curriculum that

  • Empowers our children to become independent and resilient in their learning and beyond through metacognition and a growth mindset, supporting them to have high aspirations for their futures in work and in wider life.

Our animal friends help us to remember this through the following learning behaviours visible throughout the school:

Stay focused on their learning

Learn from their mistakes

Develop a love of learning

Release their imagination

Ask questions

Give it a go

Operate as a team

Never give up


If you would like anymore information about our school curriculum, please contact Yvonne Stuart, curriculum leader  (