Dear Parents

At Stafford Leys we believe that a uniform creates a sense of belonging and gives us a clear identity to unite behind, which we can feel proud of. This pride then helps to raise standards. The staff and local advisory board of the school believe that wearing a uniform helps to raise both standards in academic work and in behaviour.

As the summer holidays are upon us, I know many of you will be shopping for new school uniform and shoes for your child ready for the next academic year. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to remind you of our uniform policy to ensure you are purchasing the correct items for your child.


  • White/light blue polo shirts or cotton shirts.
  • Navy sweatshirt, plain navy jumper, cardigan or fleece (with or without the school logo)
  • Trousers – grey/black school trousers (or tailored shorts in warmer weather)
  • Grey/black skirt or pinafore (checked or striped, blue dress in warmer weather). Skirts and dresses must be at least knee length.
  • Black school shoes or plain black trainers only. Sensible plain, black boots may be worn (no Ugg style boots) No sandals, open toe shoes or canvas trainers/shoes. Please make sure your child can tie their laces if their shoes have laces!
  • Plain socks or tights (grey/black/white/blue)

Children will also need to bring a water bottle to school everyday.

PE Uniform

In years 3, 4, 5 & 6 children are to come into school on their designated days wearing their PE kit. (PE days will be confirmed in September)

Please ensure that their clothing on these days is in line with the uniform listed below.

In all other year groups, please bring your child’s PE kit into school in a drawstring bag. It is really helpful if all of these clothes are labelled.

  • Plain white/light blue polo/t-shirt
  • Plain navy blue/black shorts – mid thigh length
  • Plain blue/black track suits (for colder weather)
  • Plain blue/black sports leggings
  • Plain blue/black hoodie or jumper suitable for sports (no logos)
  • Plain black trainers (Plimsolls are recommended for EYFS. In year 1 and 2 the children will need plain black trainers but can also wear plimsolls for indoor PE if you would like them to) 

The children are not allowed to wear visibly branded sportswear or football kits for PE (plain PE kit only) In Year 3 we take the children swimming. Children need to wear suitable swimwear i.e. a swimming costume or trunks (no bikinis and trunks must be shorter than the knee)

The children are allowed to wear their swimwear under their school uniform on swimming days. Don’t forget to pack some underwear for them to change into when they finish swimming!

Earrings must be removed for P.E lessons. If your child has just had their ears pierced they cannot take part in P.E for six weeks and they cannot be covered by tape. If you child wears stud earrings to school, they must be able to remove their own earrings for PE.

School bags

In EYFS, year 1 and year 2 we ask that the children use a small book bag for their school books and a small drawstring bag for their PE kit. Both of these should be named. We have not got the space for large rucksacks in the classroom.

Watches & Jewellery

  • No jewellery other than stud or small sleeper earrings (under half –inch/1cm) may be worn in school at any time.
  • No nail varnish, nail extensions or make-up may be worn.
  • Children may wear standard watches in school. No smart watches may be worn in school at any time.

Children not wearing uniform

The expectation is that all children will wear the full uniform – both the main uniform and the PE uniform and adhere to the code on wearing jewellery. However if the child is unable to wear uniform due to exceptional circumstances parents should contact the class-teacher to let them know.

Children not wearing uniform will be reminded to do so by their teacher in the first instance. If this is not rectified a call to parents will be made.  On the second occasion this happens a second call will be made to parents to bring appropriate uniform into school that day. If children continue to wear the incorrect uniform, parents will be asked to make an appointment with the Head Teacher or a Deputy Head to try to resolve the situation.

Embroidered uniform with the school logo on is available from: –

Gascoigne Clothing – Please use the password leys2000 to access the correct webpage.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Miss C Bignell