R.E at Stafford Leys

RE in school follows the requirements of the local agreed syllabus.

We hold an act of collective worship for all KS1 and KS2 children each day.

Parents have the right to exclude their children from R.E. and assemblies, and if they wish to do so, should speak to the Head teacher. We feel that assemblies are a very important time for our children to celebrate and share together, and they play a significant role in building the sense of community within the school.

On Wednesdays, classes, in rotation, take responsibility for preparing a whole school assembly and parents are invited to attend. A copy of our policy is available from the office.

R.E at Stafford Leys

Each Year Group covers a religion in more detail and depth.
Year 1-Christianity
Year 2-Buddhism
Year 3-Sikhism
Year 4-Hinduism
Year 5-Judaism
​Year 6-Islam