During Science Week at school things were a bit different this year but I still have some fantastic prizes to give away for the best poster for each year group. This year the Science Week theme was Our Diverse Planet. If you want to take pare read on and there will be one prize per year group. for the best posters/ Good Luck to you all! Here are some helpful hints… .

Investigate and imagine ‘Our diverse planet’ and everything that makes it special. Why is our planet so special? What makes it special? Why not think about biodiversity? From the diversity in your own garden, to the diversity at the very bottom of the ocean, research all the amazing creatures and organisms that live on our planet. Or you could look at ‘The diversity of science and STEM subjects’ . Have a think about all the diverse ways that science affects our lives and who you know that uses science every day.
Science is certainly playing a big part in our lives right now.
Is there science in baking and cooking? What about making a film or taking a picture? Or how about operating planes and cars? Remember that science is everywhere, you just have to look for it!
Think about the other kinds of diversity our planet contains – from the variety of the molecules that make up essential parts of life, to the different ways our towns and cities are built, and the variation of people’s tastes and interests. Our planet is unique, but why not investigate what makes it different from the other planets in our solar system?

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to get creative! Make your poster ! Your poster must be: 2D (flat) or 3D f you make a model. Send me a photo of your poster or video if you have used pop up, or pull out tabs.
Please send entries to

Science and Nature
Whilst we are working through these strange times, enjoying time with our families and juggling many multi coloured rainbow balls. I have come across some interesting opportunities/challenges and activities which may be of interest to you.
You can sign up for free and your child can get closer to nature, have fun – and earn awards for doing it!
Are you ready to take on a Wild Challenge?
You can help wildlife, explore nature and enjoy lots of wild, fun family activities. Tell us what you’ve done (please keep Mrs Hollier posted) and work towards awards. Have you got what it takes to achieve gold?

There are many challenges to take part in many of which can be achieved whilst enjoying our walks and the wonderful nature in our world. If you would like to tale on the challenge click here to find out more.

Zooinverse have even more projects for you to get involved in see the links below….

Seal Watch
In this project researchers need your help to identify elephant seals and fur seals in the Southern Ocean so that they can learn more about their breeding and monitor their populations. Learn more, and get involved at

Wild Mont-Blanc
The research team from this project has distributed camera traps across the Mont-Blanc Massif in France so that they can track the distributions of the species that live there, and how their numbers change along with the seasons. They now need your help to identify the various wildlife in their images. Learn more, and get involved at

The Koster Seafloor Observatory
In this project researchers need your help to explore the biodiversity of Sweden’s marine habitats so that they can measure how climate change and human activities are affecting these ecosystems. Learn more, and get involved at

Good Luck, Stay Safe, Keep Smiling and we will see you all soon.